Nyéléni Process

    Nyéléni Process

    Nyéléni, towards a Global Forum of Food Sovereignty

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    Building the Global response

    IPC members are not waiting for the catastrophe. We will fight back. That is why we are organising a new moment of discussion in the movement for food sovereignty, to build our response at the global and the local levels and tighten alliances with climate justice movements, labour and environmental groups. It’s now or never.

    25 years after the creation of the concept of Food Sovereignty, the moment is now to launch a process to deepen and widen the principles and concepts for food sovereignty and invite global movements to articulate an intersectional convergence towards joint proposals for system change.

    From the IPC we are calling for a new edition of the Nyéléni Process, that is going to culminate in the Global Nyéléni Forum in March 2023. This is a critical and huge undertaking that will involve a democratic consultation in regions and territories in which IPC is organized.

    We plan to bring together hundreds of thousands of people, peasants, small-scale fishers, Indigenous Peoples, consumers, NGOs and scholars – to discuss and propose solutions and priorities for the next twenty- five years of our collective struggle for food sovereignty.

    The outcomes of this global consultation process will be presented in the Nyéléni Forum. In which hundreds of delegates from all over the world will discuss strategies and solutions for more just and ecological food systems. And will relaunch a global alliance capable of counteracting the forces that are pushing the world into a deeper, multidimensional crisis.

    Take part in the Nyèlèni Process

    Every civil society organization, social movement, or NGO can engage in the Nyéléni process since they already work under the principle of Food Sovereignty and/or are willing to interact with Food Sovereignty from an intersectional perspective. Each level of participation is led by the IPC facilitators (regional level and working groups) with the support of the regional secretariats, the IPC International Secretariat, and the supporting NGOs.

    Regional level

    In this process, we will use six regions instead of five, since we want to open the space also for North America. The regions North America, Latin America and Caribbean, Europe, Africa, NENA, and Asia and Pacific will hold internal discussions based on framing questions (see the section below) and also identify social movements outside the IPC that can be potential allies. Regions should reach out to as many allied organizations as possible to have regional dialogues.

    The regional process is expected to lead to the proposed outcomes:

    – Develop discussions which results will be used for the global exchange in June-July 2022;

    – Select potential allies to include in the process in view of the global exchange;

    – Appoint regional representatives to take part in a collective of “political weavers” that will work to frame the thematic axis of the global convergence.

    Global level

    The global IPC secretariat and the Operative Group of the IPC will set up the conditions for a global space for a conversation, identifying global allied movements to include into the Nyéléni process. During the 1st phase, global IPC structures will pro-actively reach out to these movements for conversations to build the thematic and methodology of the global and regional convergence.

    Through the guidance of the IPC FC, spaces of engagement will be created at the global level, allowing organisations and allies to participate and discuss with IPC organisations. The IPC is eager to organise online events or webinars where new potential allies will be invited. The first event is foreseen for March 2022. During these events, political discussions will be held on how the struggle of the new allies fits into the Food Sovereignty movement. This could be an opportunity for them to learn about Food Sovereignty and for the IPC to understand how their struggles fit into the Nyéléni process.

    If you wish to engage in this process, please get in touch with the IPC international secretariat: ipc-cip@foodsovereignty.org

    IPC Working Groups

    The five Working Groups will also have their own processes and their own space for engagement to invite other organisations. They will have the autonomy to organise these spaces and they will respond to the same guiding questions as the regional and global articulations. This process should happen in parallel with the regional and global levels.

    The WGs could enhance the creation of alliances at the regional level as well as increase the capacity of the regions to organise bigger regional meetings. At the level of the WGs, actors can be identified that are not necessarily anchored in the regions, and this could be an opportunity for them to learn about the process and for the IPC to understand to what extent they can become allies within the Nyéléni process. At the same time, this might be an opportunity to build stronger cohesion between the regions and the WGs, which currently do not coordinate among themselves.

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    Throughout the Nyéléni Process we will use different visual materials, videos, posters, booklets …

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