Near East & North Africa

IPC organizations are present and active in:

Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palistine, Tunisia, Western Sahara, Yemen

See the list of FAO Member countries in the region.

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    Near East & North Africa

    The IPC in the Region


    Facilitator: Joseph Schechla – Habitat International Coalition (HIC), Egypt

    Alternate: Souad Mahmoud – WMW, Tunisia

    Alternate: Hiba AL-Jibeihi – LVC, Palestine


    Ahmed Mansour – Habitat International Coalition (HIC), Egypt

    Working space





    Should we put the list of all the org. working in NENA ?

    What do we do?

    > Strategic axes:

    CSOs Getting Connected with FAO (PDF) [IPC publication]

    CSOs’ Eye on FAO Regional Conference (PDF) [IPC publication]

    Practicing Agroecology in Iran (PDF) [IPC publication]

    The Landless Constituency (PDF) [IPC publication]

    > List of key events and activities ?
    > Link to the FAO Regional Office and member countries.

    Regional Consultation of the CSOs

    The IPC Regional Process is responsible to organize independently at the regional level the Regional Consultation of Civil Society Organizations. These consultations are orgnanised before the FAO Regional Conference to work on a shared and common declaration to be read during the Conferences. The CSOs participate as observers to the FAO Regional Conferences. The participants are decided among the different CSOs (IPC and non IPC organizations) present at the Consultation.

    > Next NERC: 35th session of the Regional Conference for the Near East and North Africa, March 2020, Muscat, Oman

    > Last Regional CSO Consultation: 19 – 21 of February, Beirut, Lebanon

    Read the final declaration [IPC publication]

    > Last NERC: 34th session of the Regional Conference for the Near East and North Africa, 7 – 11 of May 2018, Rome, Italy

    Take a look to the last Regional Conferences 



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