Peasants give life to Biodiversity

March 31, 2016

We have shaped biodiversity for food and agriculture and it shapes us; food sovereignty and a healthy environment depends on it.   Food sovereignty ensures that the rights to use and manage lands, territories, waters, seeds, livestock, and biodiversity are in the hands of those of us who produce food.” Declaration of Nyéléni, 2007.   CoverBiodiversityBrochure-LoRes click on the image to download IPC Agricultural Biodiversity Brochure (PDF 4.6Mb) This brochure has been made to make everyone aware of the importance of the biodiversity and the role that small-scale producers are playing in the preservation of it. According to many traditional worldviews all of nature and the environment is alive; human beings are part of the family of living beings, not outside of it. All living creatures are engaged in age-old relationship of mutual interaction shaping each other’s existence in a process of co-evolution. peasant practices of developing biodiversity are not only shaped by material necessities, but also by spiritual beliefs, culture and emotion. Download the English version of the brochure at this link Other versions available: ARABIC FRANCAIS PORTUGUES ESPANOL   Related article in Farming Matters “Co-creating the agricultural biodiversity that feeds us”   Draft report  by the IPC Agricultural Biodiversity Working Group Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture: the perspectives of small-scale food providers A thematic Study for FAO’s report on the “State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture” Draft_CSO-SoW-BFA_ThematicStudy_20Nov2015 (PDF 440Kb) This report reflects perspectives of civil society organisations (CSOs) including social movements of small-scale food providers about biodiversity for food and agriculture. It presents what CSOs and, in particular, women and men small-scale food providers in a range of production and harvesting systems, are doing to develop and defend biodiversity for food and agriculture, above and below ground and in waters. The report presents, in the framework of food sovereignty, the perceptions of the nature and impact of the drivers of loss of biodiversity for food and agriculture. Further, it presents CSO activities, which have helped mobilise and enabled communities and social movements in many productive ecosystems across the world, to sustain and improve biodiversity for food and agriculture and resist changes that undermine it. Draft_CSO-SoW-BFA_ThematicStudy_20Nov2015 (PDF 440Kb)