Celebrating Unity and Inclusivity: The Nyéléni ECA Regional meeting and Civil Society Consultation 2024

Nyéléni ECA

June 26, 2024

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In a vibrant gathering of minds and hearts, the Nyéléni ECA Regional meeting and Civil Society Consultation unfolded in Istanbul, Turkey, from May 10-12, 2024. This event, pulsating with energy and purpose, aimed to bolster regional networks among civil society organizations (CSOs), enhancing their pivotal role in shaping policy discussions at both regional and national levels. The Consultation witnessed the convergence of 57 passionate participants, representing diverse constituencies across Europe and  Central AsiaAmong them were 47 delegates and 10 keen observers, united in their commitment to foster food sovereignty and social justice across the region.

This gathering wasn’t just about dialogue; it was about amplifying voices that often go unheard. The inclusion of new constituencies such as health advocates, artists, and climate justice activists underscored a commitment to intersectionality, bridging gaps between environmental, social, and economic movements. Participants from various corners of the region found enhanced accessibility and inclusivity in this meeting.

The Consultation sparked action. Recommendations emerged on enhancing local food systems, supporting short food chains, and integrating social security measures to ensure food access for all. The voices of small-scale farmers and Indigenous communities echoed through the halls, stressing the importance of preserving biodiversity and traditional knowledge in combating climate change.

As the Consultation concluded, designated spokespeople carried forward these impassioned discussions to the FAO’s 34th Regional Conference for Europe (ERC) in Rome, Italy. (Read more about CSOs participation in the FAO Regional Conference here mission: to advocate for policies that reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of the region’s CSOs, urging greater inclusion and support in FAO’s agenda.

The success of the Nyéléni ECA movement lies not just in its outcomes but in its spirit of collaboration and resilience. As we reflect on the discussions and outcomes, the path forward is clear: to continue building bridges, amplifying voices, and driving meaningful change across our food systems.

 Together, we can create a future where food sovereignty is not just a goal but a reality for all! 



  • Paula Gioia and Alessandra Turco, ECVC-European Coordination Via Campesina
  • Judith Hitchman and Isa Alvarez, URGENCI – The International Network of Community Supported Agriculture 
  • Rodion Sulyandziga, CSIPN – Centre for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North 
  • Fernando Garcia Dory – ESN European Chapter / WAMIP – The World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples 
  • Aida Jamangulova, ADI, Agency of Development Initiatives, representing Central Asian sub-region
  • Ana Benoliel-Coutinho, Gradina Moldovei, representing Eastern European sub-region 


Introduction statement of the CSOs at the ERC34

Find all the interventions of CSOs below: 

Agenda Item 12 – Implications on world food security and agriculture, including global food prices, arising from the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

ERC/24/4 Rev.1 FAO’s response to the multiple crises in Europe and Central Asia

ERC/24/5 Rev.1 Financing to end hunger for today and tomorrow (SDG 2)

ERC/24/2 The role of innovation and digitalization in the sustainable use of natural resources to accelerate the implementation of climate-resilient and low-emission pathways in agrifood systems

ERC/24/11 Country Office Network – Current status and way forward: A policy paper

ERC/24/8 Rev.1, ERC/24/9 Rev.1 Regional results, priorities, the four betters and the Sustainable Development Goals


Call of interest published on 26th of march 2024