Movements for Small-scale fisheries prepare for the COFI36 in Rome

small-scale fisheries

June 28, 2024

From 5 to 7 July, global movements for small-scale fisheries will come together again in the SSF Summit, an important gathering co-organised by the IPC ahead of the 36th meeting of the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI36). 

This year, the SSF Summit in Rome is even more important because it takes place 10 years after the approval of the Small Scale Fisheries Guidelines (SSFGuidelines), endorsed by governments in 2014 but still the implementation remains a challenge.

Peoples of the Oceans and the inland water bodies are disappointed with the inaction of governments, and call for greater involvement and ambition in developing public policies inspired by the principles of the Guidelines. Inaction is particularly evident when looking at the COFI agenda: there are no items dedicated to small-scale fisheries this time. Ten years after governments promised to support the sector, they seem to have forgotten their commitments.

That’s why all movements participating in the IPC Working Group on Fisheries are willing to make their voices heard, to remind governments of their commitments.

The contribution of small-scale fishers to global nutrition is enormous, yet their rights to access and manage resources are not adequately protected and promoted. Instead, blue economy projects that deprive fishers of their means of production are increasing. On top of that, climate change and industrial fishing are pushing marine biodiversity on the brink of collapse.

Small-scale fisher peoples are the living example of another way of life, more sustainable and not harmful for the ecosystems. It should be defended and supported by public policies. Ten years after the governments’ promises, it is no longer acceptable to wait any longer.


Download draft IPC Statements for COFI36