CSO Communication on the 32nd FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia

CSO communication on the 32nd FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia

On line event 21-23/10/2020


To download the PDF of the final report click  HERE

Nyéléni ECA has successfully concluded the preparation workshops on 5th and 8th October; the CSO Consultation on 21-23 October with your precious contribution and participation.

5 spokespeople designated by the CSO Consultation to participate and represent the CSO Consultation in the Europe and Central Asia Region. Our spokespeople’s contribution were influential. You may find the interventions which are all based on the conclusions of the CSO Consultation attached.

You also may find the welcoming speech (it is also our final statement) of the CSOs and the video of the speech of Aida Jamangulova from ADI, Kyrgyzstan, on behalf of the CSO Consultation at the 32nd FAO Regional Conference is in the link below (the speech is in Russian):



The links for the panels that CSO speakers attended as speakers:

  • Isabel Alvarez at the Panel on “sustainable food systems and healthy diets”

EN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXw4HWLNM0U

  • Ramona Duminicioiu at the Panel on “Youth, Employment and Developing Rural areas – UN Decade of Family Farming”

EN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vXIUPQmQLc

  • Andrea Ferrante at the Special event on Innovation and Digitalisation at the 32nd FAO regional Conference (Day3)

EN only: Link to ERC32 Day 3 and Special Event: http://www.fao.org/webcast/home/en/item/5416/icode/

Attached also you may find:

We have discussed the priorities and the next steps of the Nyéléni ECA at the Consultation.

CSOs priorities in the “Nyéléni ECA” region defined in 2016 CSO Consultation will remain same:

  • Agroecology
  • Access to natural sources – the right to seeds, the right to land, the right to water and fishstocks and forest.
  • Territorial  markets and short food chains

Next Steps:

First of all, we will establish and widely share a regional hub of convergence on innovative experiences of local food systems based on food sovereignty and agroecology in our networks  paying special attention to and emphasizing gender and youth.. We believe it is extremely important to share knowledge and experiences to inspire and empower food producers, as well as connecting them at regional level.

Secondly, we will continue to raise awareness of the UNDROP, the UNDRIP,  the Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure (VGTT) and the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries (SSF Guidelines) in the region and also around the world and within institutions,  while strengthening the link between human rights and food and agricultural issues, and influencing public policies in support of small-scale sustainable producers. We are committed to working towards transparent and inclusive legislative and further implementation processes, with a strong focus on the rights holders – small family farmers, peasants, fisher people, pastoralists, other people working in rural areas, and as well as the Indigenous Peoples overall right to adequate and culturally appropriate food and nutrition.

Thirdly, we plan to launch an Observatory on the criminalisation of food producers’ leaders and their organizations – as all too often the crimes and repression against them are not recognised or sufficiently followed up, leaving them without justice being served on those who have persecuted them.

Fourthly, we will promote the convergence of different actors (including organizations and individuals outside the food sovereignty movement) to protect small-scale food producers’ and Indigenous knowledge from data grabbing, and enhance food producers’ and Indigenous Peoples digital sovereignty.


We wish to stay in close contact and continue working together. Please send us updates from your regions from your work. Please continue to use info@nyeleni-eca.net and follow our facebook account: Nyeleni food Sovereignty network in Europe and Central Asia

Our webpage (www.nyeleni-eca.net) is under construction but soon we will be online. Please send your articles, news, photos so that we will create our common space as Nyéléni ECA!


Nyéléni International food Sovereignty Movement at:  https://nyeleni.org/ to be connected with the  international movement

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