Fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity

October 15, 2021

By Mariapaola Boselli – Centro Internazionale Crocevia

  The first part of CBD CoP 15 was held from 11 to 15 October 2021. The meeting, for the first time since the pandemic began, brought together several government delegates in China while maintaining an active virtual mode given the still very complex global situation. Phase two will be an inperson meeting in Kunming, from 25 April to 8 May 2022. This first part of the meeting was held almost entirely behind closed doors, with very few opportunities for civil society to intervene. Only the Constiuencies already structured within the CBD had the possibility to deliver their statements orally during the plenary; IPC, not being formally within any of these Consituencies, had no right to speak despite having requested it during the plenary of the first day of the meeting. On the following days (12 and 13 October), the High Level Segment of the UN Biodiversity Conference 2020 was held, which took place behind closed doors and in which IPC could not participate. You can read the HLS statement at this link. The last plenary of this first phase will be held on 15 October and the meeting will resume in person on 25 April in Kunming, China. IPC, despite the number of difficulties that civil society is facing in having an effective and meaningful participation in global policy processes, continues its engagement within the CBD and in the process that will lead to the approval of the next Global Biodviersity Framework during the second phase of the CoP. Read the IPC policy statement here