The IPC Facilitation Committee meets in Rome

Last few days were so inspiring! Just after the FAO Comittee on Fisheries we jumped into another key moment for the IPC: the meeting of the Facilitation Committee.
Representatives of the different articulations of the IPC came to Rome to discuss how to strengthen and to advance the food sovereignty agenda. The meeting was centered on one side on how to improve the internal functioning of the IPC and its role as coordinator of CSOs in the space of the FAO and UN in general, on the other side on the discussion on how to give more power to the IPC and imagine next steps.
The needs have emerged of strengthening the relations between the working groups and the other sectors of the IPC and give a final shape to the Nyéléni Process.
We also met the FAO partnership unit and the secretariat of the UN decade on family farming in order to advance and concretely build spaces of participation of small scale food producers in global and regional public policies, through the development of a formal agreement between the IPC and FAO.
There’s a lot of work to do! That’s why we are already planning to meet again in presence in early 2023.