IPC’s message to our communities victim of the Covid crisis

During this time of irreparable loss, it is with great pain that we, as Comrades of the IPC, send you these words: We are present and with you in this dangerous, complicated and uncertain time of COVID-19.

With the understanding and respect that is due to the pain of those who have suffered this loss, we join in saying goodbye to the souls of all our loved ones, family, friends, neighbours and country folk. From this moment on, their spirit accompanies us wherever we are in our fields, forests and fishing grounds.

From the IPC we say to you:
In this moment of uncertainty no one is alone. No tear that is shed will go unnoticed.
This pandemic came as a result of the greed in a society driven by profit, self-gain and resource commodification. As a people we are under strain. As a people, we must stand together to restore our harmony with nature.  As a people, we will survive.

The IPC, extends our warmest and heartfelt healing embrace to all, regardless of their skin colour, religion, belief or culture. We believe that we will come out of this situation with the certainty that we are not alone.

Let this new togetherness also enrich the future.
The Comrades of the IPC