World Food Day 2023: mobilize with the Food Sovereignty movement!

October 16, 2023

Today on the World Food Day, we celebrate the crucial role of peasant agriculture, family farming, artisanal fisheries, Indigenous Peoples, consumers,  and all forms of food production that take place at the community and territorial level, in feeding the world. We are communities of rights holders. That is why we express our concern about the shrinking of democratic spaces at the global level. We will always advocate to put people before profit, and strongly oppose the industry-friendly, multi-stakeholder approach.  We call on all activists and social movements to support the food sovereignty struggle, mobilise and engage with the IPC and the food sovereignty movement.  Together we can build a common political agenda, strategies, and ways of working to transform the global system towards economic, social, gender, race, and environmental justice in order to realise Food Sovereignty. It’s now or never. Join the movement!  

Read the call to mobilize