IPC Statements to COFI34

On the eve of the 34th Session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI), the IPC Working Group on Fisheries publishes its statements on the issues it considers as priorities.

The identification of the issues addressed by these statements is the result of a careful analysis of the official COFI Agenda and its background documents and the identification of other issues that, although not directly covered by it, are unavoidable for the civil society gathered in the IPC.

These statements reflect the positions of the four civil society networks participating in the IPC WG on Fisheries [1]. They are the outcome of internal consultations with the members nominated by these networks to be part of the IPC Delegation to COFI34.

The virtual organisation of COFI and its modalities severely limit the role that civil society can play. This limitation affects both the actual possibility of attending the virtual event and the right of making plenary interventions, thus preventing the voice of millions of small-scale fishers, their communities and Indigenous Peoples from being brought to the attention of Government delegations.

Therefore, these statements have even greater importance, and we invite everyone to read them and acknowledge the challenges, hopes, actions, and solutions brought by small-scale fisheries.




IPC Opening Statement


IPC Statement on Agenda Item 7 – Contribution of fisheries and aquaculture to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


IPC Statement on Agenda Item 8 – Supporting small-scale and artisanal fisheries


IPC Statement Agenda Item 11 – Addressing climate change and other environment-related matters in fisheries and aquaculture


IPC Statement Agenda Item 12 – Enhancing COFI discussions on fisheries management – Proposal for a new COFI Sub-Committee on Fisheries Management


IPC Statement Agenda Item 13.1 – Terms of Reference of the International Platform for Digital Food and Agriculture


IPC Statement on Effect of COVID-19 on SSF


SSF-GSF Advisory Group statement on the implementation of the SSF Guidelines